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Incorporated on the 20th of August 2007, Doreen power generations and systems limited fore-sights to create a better future for the power generation industry of Bangladesh. The company aims to provide uninterrupted electricity supply to its stakeholders and the electricity scarce na-tion. The company accomplishes to supply 66MW electricity to the Bangladesh Power Devel-opment Board (BPDB), and Rural Electrification Board (REB). Our comprehensive Power Plants are built to produce electricity for the electricity starved nation. Today the company has three successfully running, well equipped and efficient power plants in Tangail, Feni and Narshingdi. All three of our power plants are supplying 22MW of electricity each to the BPDB and REB under the power purchase agreements signed by the company for a period of 15years. Our company thrives to be the best in its sector and plans to establish multiple numbers of new power plants in order to generate electricity to benefit the nation and its people. The company focuses on increasing its power generation capacity to 200MW. Our mission and vision is to see our country emerge from the title developing to developed. One of the core needs in order to achieve so is power generation. And our aim is to be the leading power generation company in private sector in order to help the change happen. We thrive in being better everyday with our well efficient workforce working rigorously to achieve the best and supply the best..

Doreen power generations and systems limited holds a strict policy that emphasizes on envi-ronment preservation. As the companys Corporate Social Responsibility , all the projects run-ning under its name includes green cover which reduces effluents and polluting emissions which help maintain a healthy and harm free ecological system and cuts out pollution. We wish to do our bit.

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